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Art Pro Net (APN), began in 2018 with Founder, Kelly Bennett.  APN consults and leads projects for cultural institutions of all sizes to expertly handle, install, pack, courier, and move their art and historical objects.  From large scale outdoor sculpture installations and collection moves to designing installation layouts for any type of exhibition, APN has over 20 years of experience consulting on how to get your project from “to-do” to “to-done!”

APN supports the professionals serving the arts and cultural communities by curating opportunities for art and cultural support specialists to help support the needs of the Bay Area. Our desire is to be a pipeline that assists art pros to discover opportunities and broaden the marketplace.

Kelly explains, “I have come to know and love this complex, talented, and vibrant arts community.  I want to help share information in the collections care community and open doors for those that do the work we do.”