Hi Art Pros!

The Arts Commission is looking for qualified art technicians, providers of fine arts services, including conservators and fine art installers that are licensed contractors with experience and expertise in the installation, moving and restoration of monuments and artworks, with the intent of establishing a pre-qualified pool of firms able to perform a variety of services necessary for the care and maintenance of the City’s art collection.

The Arts Commission will identify a number of firms with one or more art service categories, each of which requires different qualifications and experience. The art service categories are as follows:

A.    Art Services Contractors to install and de-install large-scale works of public art
B.    Fine Art and Cultural Artifact and Properties Conservators
C.    Art Care Technicians and Installers
D.    Fine Art Transportation and Storage
E.    Art Photography, Digital Imaging, Printmaking and Sign makers
F.    Fine Art Framing Services
G.    Fine Art Appraisers

Firms may apply for qualification in one or more categories.

Pre-qualified firms will remain on the list for two years.  The Arts Commission will review applications and establish a list of qualified firms for the purpose of awarding contracts as needed. Work will occur throughout the City and County of San Francisco, and at San Francisco International Airport.  Being approved for the pre-qualified pool does not guarantee that a firm will be awarded a contract.

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