To prepare, please review the Program Committee Goals and the variety of program formats available. CAM is here to help. If you have a great idea or need guidance, reach out to Jessica Monahan, CAM’s Program Manager. She can help connect you to additional resources and support.

The Program Committee’s overall goal is to produce interesting, useful, thought-provoking, relevant and interactive programs that explore and discuss:

  • internal trends or external factors that affect the future of California museums
  • explore/discuss “best practices” in museums and strategies for achieving excellence
  • model strategies to explore/discuss how other museums can learn from these experiences.

The most successful sessions and workshops at CAM conferences delve deeply into:

  • issues or trends and explore real and scalable solutions
  • use multiple case studies that are candid, relevant to museums of varying sizes, and honest about lessons learned
  • feature compelling, organized, and knowledgeable presenters
  • actively engage and involve the program participants (not just “talking heads”).

Proposers are encouraged to represent the diversity of the museum field in their proposals. This diversity includes the geographical region, size, discipline, and age of the institutions represented on the panel as well as the race/ethnicity, ages, and genders of the presenters.


Visit this link for more information:


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